Introducing Yeoman + AngularJS + Express: Full Stack Generator

A Yeoman generator based off of generator-angular that is designed for full-stack development with AngularJS and an Express server.

I built this because I couldn’t find a good integration of express with the yeoman angular generator.

The only way I could get them to work together was doing a lot of manual and tedious edits to the gruntfile and the package. I decided to automate the process by making a yeoman generator, and hopefully save other peoples time as well my own.

This generator has

  • All the features of generator-angular
  • Livereload for your Express and client files
  • Grunt processes for testing development and production versions of your app
  • A nifty sub generator that creates a deployment ready folder for Heroku from your project.

You can read more and give it a try here:

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  • Cosmin

    Hi there! Thank for this generator, it looks promising. I tried it, but I noticed that the livereload when pages change is broken (it doesn’t work as generator-angular).

    • tylerhenkel

      The currently released version on NPM requires you to have the LiveReload plugin, and to make sure its enabled on the page.

      However, the new version, which will be released very soon, uses the connect-livereload module, so the LiveReload plugin will no longer be required, as it will automatically add the livereload script to your page in development mode.

      • Cosmin

        Thanks for your response, Tyler! I was happy for figuring out how to use the “connect-livereload” module (I’m a beginner with node) and I forked your generator’s repo to add “app.use(require(‘connect-livereload’))” and then I saw it was already there :)

        I used the version 0.2.0 of the generator to create my project and in the mean time I saw you updated to version 1.0.1 on npm. I’ll start the project from scratch with the latest version of the generator, since I wasn’t very advanced in my developments. BTW, great generator, thanks for your work!

        • tylerhenkel

          No problem! Thanks for your support.

  • 0×80

    Thanks a lot this is looking really good! You saved me a lot of hassle and looking at the boilerplate I instantly learned a few thing on how to better structure express and mongoose code.

    • tylerhenkel

      Great! I’m glad it was able to help!

  • Elliot Ikheloa

    When I run yo angular-fullstack, it stops at “grunt-node-inspector@0.1.3 node_modules/grunt-node-inspector

    └── node-inspector@0.7.1 (debug@0.7.4, which@1.0.5, opener@1.3.0, async@0.2.10, rc@0.3.4, strong-data-uri@0.1.1, yargs@1.1.3, glob@3.2.9, ws@0.4.31)”

  • Maotora Manyama

    Really grateful for this generator man…!! :)