Angular Fullstack Generator 1.1 is out

This latest release of the Angular Fullstack Generator incorporates a number of new additions from Generator Angular, most notably is the use of grunt-bower-install for dependency management. Now most dependencies installed with bower will automatically be added to your index file!

There’s also the addition of the navbar and navbar controller to the starting template. This helps reduce boilerplate for a common use case, but will also be helpful in later additions we’ll be making to the generator.

To read a more extensive changelog, click here

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  • Martin MacPherson

    Hey, thanks for the full-stack generator, works very well for me! One thing I would like to do is share some javascript models between the client / server. Any recommendations on the best approach for this?

    • tylerhenkel

      I would recommend exposing your models to your client through a rest endpoint in your server api, and creating an angular $resource for each model to allow you to easily interface with that API from angular.

  • tylerhenkel

    Allow me to give an example of syncing the server models with the client.

    I created a gist because I can’t easily post code here:

    Using this method you can sync up all client data to the server in real time.

    The only limitation is syncing the server data back to the client, because the client must manually check the server for updates. If it’s important to get real time data from the server, you can either run a recurring check for updates on the server, or use to send events to your client when a change happens on the server.

    Hope that helps :)